How Exactly Does The Iowa Workers Comp Claim Works?

So many workers in Iowa get injured at work on a yearly basis. Their source of hope is the Worker’s Comp,an insurance system that is designed to provide the necessary benefits following an injury at work. Through the Iowa Worker’s Comp,the worker or the worker’s family (in absence of the worker) can claim medical compensation among other financial benefits from the insurance company.

To help you understand how workers comp works in Iowa,here are the basics:

1. Reporting the Injury

Of course,you have to seek medical care first before filing a report. You are required to report the injury to your employer. The law gives you 90 days to do it from the time that you sustained the injury. Things to include in your report are the date,time,place,witness (if any),and injury description.

2. Filing the Claim

Once your employer receives the injury report,they are expected to forward the claim to the insurance company. This should be done within 4 days after you tender the report.

3. The Verdict from the Insurance

When the insurance company receives your claim from the employer,they’ll begin an investigation. Based on their findings,they’ll either grant or deny you compensation. If they agree,they’ll involve you in the negotiation for the settlement amount.

4. Filing an Appeal

This step is not necessary if the insurance company grants you the compensation amount that you are asking. If they don’t,you need to file your claim with the state commission. The commission has the power to force the insurance company to compensate you. Your case will have to go through a hearing process before the verdict is determined by the commission.

Understanding how workers comp works in Iowa is the key to getting a fair compensation. The benefits are clearly indicated in the insurance cover but you’ll need a great work accident attorney to help you negotiate the terms.


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